Friday, January 20, 2012

Buses to London, For Immediate Release, January 21, 2011, Grey-Bruce Labour Council

For Immediate Release, January 21, 2011, Grey-Bruce Labour Council

In response to Caterpillar’s vicious and unnecessary attack on worker’s wages, pensions and benefits at Electro-Motive in London ON two bus loads of Grey, Bruce and Huron County residents are joining thousands of others in London to paint a great big black mark square between the eyes of Caterpillar and their corporate reputation.

Normally other corporations and CEO’s clamber to support their corporate friends when they attack workers and communities, but in this case the silence is deafening! It appears that even Caterpillar’s friends are reluctant to show support for such an unnecessary brutalization of people and their workplace.

Dave Trumble, President of the Grey-Bruce Labour Council, and Jim Vance, President of the Huron Labour Council, with numerous other Union Delegates from the Grey Bruce and Huron Labour Councils have worked very hard to attract people from our region to London and those that are attending realize that pushing this attack back is critically important to the future of collective bargaining everywhere. The other CEO’s may be quiet now, but should Caterpillar be successful in their unconscionable abuse of the workers represented by CAW 27 be rest assured the more vicious and greedy will be empowered to make similar attacks. Trumble says “when you add this type of possible empowerment to provincial and federal governments in Ontario and Canada that have nothing but contempt for workers and adulation for their corporate friends workers need to be ready to up the ante to levels unforeseen in any time since the birth of the Trade Union Movement”.

Dave Trumble
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