Monday, September 19, 2011

Ontario Election

Dear Editor;

Letters about elections are often difficult as they are rarely non-partisan and it is their partisan nature that quickly turns readers off. The Grey Bruce Labour Council, as the local voice for working people, has always attempted to encourage voters to be informed voters and in these terms working people who deserve safe workplaces, fair wages, access to healthcare and education, access to free collective bargaining and a jobs strategy that keeps manufacturing jobs in Ontario to name just a few items should be clamoring for a clear accounting of positions supported by all candidates.

Along with the proposed jail closure in Walkerton and Owen Sound the current government has sat in power while 300,000 plus jobs have left Ontario; The challenger on the PC side of things, Tim Hudak, is attached to the legacy that is Mike Harris' and is already making noise about Wisconsin type attacks on public services, public sector workers and worker rights in general. Without a doubt these observations are partisan, but the primary reason for noting them is that voters need to ask themselves if they have voted Liberal or PC in the past if in fact this is where they want to continue to go. It is clear from recent statements that in Huron-Bruce that all three candidates from the main parties, NDP, Liberal, PC, continue to identify with ongoing support for Bruce Power and the future of the site and this is crucial to our entire region along with the future prosperity of Ontario.

On behalf of workers all across our region and in the context of how important all elections are lets make Ontario a success. This is best done by putting people first and putting people on the path to prosperity by once again establishing a framework where all people share in this prosperity.

Dave Trumble


Grey-Bruce Labour Council

Monday, September 5, 2011

Labour Day

In response to Labour’s Day, Labour Day 2011, the emotions and opinions will be as varied as the number of picnics and parades. These opinions are likely to fall into three significant categories; support, ambivalence and opposition.
Support is pretty easy to understand as it is founded in the inherent understanding that every single advance or improvement that workers enjoy was brought about by workers and their progressive partners and no one else. A very brief representation of these improvements would be the 40 hour week, week-ends, health and safety legislation and the right to organize with access to union representation.
Ambivalence is the domain of a large piece of the population that for any number of reasons have conflicts in their view of unions and worker’s rights. There is no way possible to address this group in a letter to the editor.
The opposition camp, while easy to recognize, is not understandable on any level but greed and avarice. For decades a social contract between government, employers and workers existed that evolved into a relationship that provided benefit to all people. In the last 30 years the social contract has been ruptured such that government no longer acts in the interest of working people, but acts in the interests of corporate Canada (except of course when these same governments dump money into communities to gain votes at election time). Those that will discuss Labour’s celebration with disdain do so not to demonstrate a conviction, but for the clear purpose of seeking the undermining of the Labour movement to deny the working class / middle class their share of the wealth of a land where no one should ever live with poverty, experience unemployment or any form of social prejudice.
Long live the ideals of a Labour Movement where social justice is the pillar of existence.

Dave Trumble
President, Grey Bruce Labour Council