Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Public Sector Unions / Corporate Tax Cuts

When did it become an axiom for governments to put pandering to business before representing citizens in general. The latest attack on public sector unions by the McGinty government has far less to do with government sorting out budget issues and more to do with ensuring that corporate dollars will flow to the provincial liberals in the 2011 election.

McGinty's cowardice towards putting the citizens of Ontario first is the equivalent of Harris' venomous frontal attack on the same people. These activities are easily hidden behind the attack on public sector unions as sadly and incorrectly people in public sector unions are portrayed as somehow unworthy of the benefits that have only been derived through decades of hard fought collective bargaining done within the confines of such legislation as the labour relations act.

McGinty and Harris the 2nd, Hudak, should stop hiding their pandering and catering to business by trying to make themselves seem somehow noble by hammering public sector union members. If these same governments realized that wealth is in the hands of the people they would turn every legislative initiative on its respective head and make only trade deals that keep manufacturing, resource and high tech jobs in Ontario while vigorously supporting our public services and public sector workers. Hot on this would be encouraging people to unionize to ensure that wealth is shared and to enforce regulations that protect people and jobs ahead of corporate coffers.

It may be time for the people of Ontario to revisit the election paradigms of the past and vote for not only a socially responsible change in 2011, but a change in the representation format such that we will finally elect a government that is elected by a true majority.

Dave Trumble
Labour Council